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Frazzled, weary, unable to concentrate – I’ve been there! Struggling to find a sleep solution with my oldest daughter was the motivation for my sleep research and subsequent training. After countless sleepless nights, reading almost every sleep book on the market, and hours surfing the internet for a sleep solution, I came across Dana Obleman’s Sleep Sense program.

After successfully utilizing Sleep Sense techniques with both of my daughters, I became a Certified Sleep Consultant and founded Gift of Sleep Consulting. I’m passionate about sleep, and that passion drives my mission to help other struggling, and sleep-deprived, families adopt healthy sleep routines; it is possible to get sound sleep with infants and toddlers!

These days, my daughters ‘know the drill’ when it comes to their bedtime routine. In fact, the girls will correct their babysitter if they’ve deviated from the plan! Here are some sleep facts about Katie and Lizzy:

Sleep Secrets: It’s all about the routine. After their bath, brushing teeth, pajamas, being tucked into bed and a couple of stories, I sing Rock-a-bye Lizzy and Katie, go over their sleep rules and give them both a kiss goodnight.
Sleep Saboteurs: Deviations from their bedtime routine will result in chaos! If we skip any part of the routine, or go out-of-order, the girls will become unfocused and difficult to calm down.

Healthy sleep starts with a healthy routine, and adults are not exempt! Here is my sleep profile:

Sleep Secrets: My bedtime routine includes washing my face, brushing my teeth, changing into pajamas, and reading for a half hour or so before going to sleep; reading before bed helps to calm and relax me.
Sleep Saboteurs: Several things will hinder my healthy sleep habits: staying up later than usual, eating close to bedtime, and watching television right before bed.

What’s bedtime without a great story? Here are our favorite bedtime reads:
Me: Love You Forever by Robert Munsch
Lizzy: Disney’s Frozen
Katie: Hop on Pop by Dr. SeussJennifer Synder Schindele of Gift of Sleep Consulting

If you’re ready to go from sleep deprived to sleep revived, contact me for a free 15-minute consultation. We can discuss some of your sleep concerns and see if working with a sleep consultant is the right choice for your family.

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Jennifer Schindele is a Certified Sleep Consultant and the President & Founder of Gift of Sleep Consulting. She was selected to attend, and has successfully completed, the extensive Sleep Sense™ Sleep Consultant program. She is proud to have the program’s creator, Dana Obleman, as a mentor.

Jennifer’s mission is to help parents give the gift of sleep to both their children and in turn, themselves. Her mission is executed by personalizing a step-by-step method to gently help teach the child to independently fall asleep, and stay asleep, the whole night through.

Sleep Deprived to Sleep Revived: The fuel to help others.

Well rested families have become a passion for Jennifer since the birth of her first daughter. Jennifer was sleep deprived and witnessed firsthand the toll this took on her entire family. This encouraged her to start seeking a solution. Jennifer was surprised to see the vast amount of literature that was available and she committed to find a method that truly worked to improve her quality of life.

Her extensive reading on the subject led her to Dana Obleman, the bestselling author and creator of the Sleep Sense™ program.

 “I learned that the quality of sleep is just as important as the quantity. Through her program I could give my child the wonderful ability of sleep by teaching her important sleep skills that will remain with her for the rest of her life. And, since I was so totally exhausted, the fact that the plan was spelled out for me step by step was a true gift, a gift of sleep.” says Jennifer.

Jennifer felt like a new woman after the transformation of her daughter’s sleep patterns. After the birth of her second child, and applying the same sleep method, Jennifer was encouraged to continue her studies in sleep consulting to help other parents.  Jennifer also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.

Jennifer’s sleep journey with her own children, and her transformation from sleep deprived to sleep revived, has fueled her passion to help with infant and toddler sleep.


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