The Sleep Coach’s Guide: How to Dress Your Baby for Sleep in the Summer

May 25, 2023

the sleep coach's guide: how to dress your baby for sleep in summer

Are you wondering how to dress your baby for a comfortable and safe sleep during hot summer nights? It’s easy to think that pajamas would suffice, but overdressing can adversely affect your baby’s sleep and health. So how should you dress your baby in the summer? Let’s find out.

How can I tell if my baby is overheating?

First and foremost, it’s crucial to understand that babies can’t regulate their body temperature like adults can. If they’re overdressed, they’re at risk of overheating quickly. Signs that your baby may get too hot include fussiness, red ears or cheeks, and a hot, clammy neck. Heat rash is also a common side effect of overheating.

A SIDS risk

If your baby is fussier than usual, red-cheeked or eared, or seems too clammy around the neck, it’s a sign that they’re too hot. Heat rash can also occur, leading to irritation. But beyond the irritation, overheating can endanger your baby’s life, leading to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), so it’s crucial to follow safe sleep recommendations.

What is the ideal temperature for a baby’s room in Summer?

As part of your goal of creating a sleep sanctuary for your baby, remember that room temperature is very important. According to the Cleveland Clinic, keeping the temperature in your baby’s room cool is recommended, ideally between 65-70°F. Practice Safe Sleep, avoid blankets in the crib, and choose breathable cotton or linen fabric for your baby’s pajamas. Short-sleeved onesies and footed bottoms are excellent choices, and sleep sacks – wearable blankets that pose no risk of suffocation.

So, what should your baby wear to bed in the summer?

If your little one is anything like my Katie, they always run hot.  So this following advice is based upon the majority. Stick to breathable fabrics like cotton, and consider a simple short-sleeved onesie or a cotton-footed sleeper. Sleep sacks are another great option that won’t pose any risks to your baby. And as a general rule, dress your baby as you would in the summertime. 
I have a fantastic Baby Dressing Guide download in my Freebies for you to grab and save.

baby dressing guide diagram
baby dressing guide diagram

Remember, ensuring your little one gets a good night’s sleep is crucial for their growth and development. By dressing them appropriately and keeping a cool sleeping environment, you’ll be setting them up for success.

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