Learn How to Sleep Train a Baby with Comprehensive Infant Sleep Consultations

Infants and Babies - How to Get Them To Sleep Through The Night

Getting your infant to sleep through the night is a milestone that’s just as important as his/her first steps and words. However, it can be difficult to achieve this during the first few months. As a certified sleep coach for young children, I can teach you how to sleep train a baby, build healthy nap habits, and bring uninterrupted rest back in your life. Let me help you say goodbye to bedtime battles with Gift of Sleep infant sleep consultations.

Why Should You Sleep Train Your Baby?

Studies show that 30% of babies experience sleep problems. There’s a chance that your little ones need help in building sleep habits if:

  • They only fall asleep while nursing or bottle-feeding.
  • They need a pacifier or soother to sleep.
  • They need to be rocked or bounced to sleep.
  • They need to be taken for a car ride to sleep.
  • They wake up several times every night

Gift of Sleep Infant Consultation Options

As a certified child sleep consultant, I provide two kinds of infant sleep training for 4-17 months old babies. Each is tailored to your little one’s sleeping habits.

  1. Personal Sleep Consultation

You can take this consultation in the comfort of your home. I will personally come over to your home to teach you how to build healthy sleeping habits in your baby. If you don’t live in or near Pennsylvania; don’t worry. I can give you expert guidance over the telephone. This package includes:

    • Sleep Evaluation
    • 90-Minute Consultation
    • Sleep Plan Creation
    • 4 Follow-Up Telephone Calls for Guidance
    • 3 Weeks of Unlimited E-mail and Text Messaging Support
    • My Tips for Future Success Packet

In-Home Consultation: $595.00

Consultation via Phone, Skype, or Webinar: $495.00

  1. Overnight Infant Sleep Consultation

If you want my support on the first night of your sleep plan, this is the consultation option for you. I will help you monitor your little one, address issues through the night, and give you useful tips to lay down the foundations of independent sleeping habits.  This package includes:

    • Sleep Evaluation
    • 90-Minute Consultation
    • Sleep Plan Creation
    • 13 Hours of Continuous In-Home Support
    • 4 Follow-Up Telephone Calls for Guidance
    • 2 Weeks of Unlimited E-mail and Text Messaging Support
    • My Tips for Future Success Packet

In-Home Consultation with Full-Night Support:  $2,000.00

In-Home Consultation with Half-Night Support: $1,000.00

Understanding Your Personalized Consultation Package

Here is an overview of our consultation package and what each feature involves:

  • Sleep Evaluation

You will fill out a comprehensive questionnaire detailing your baby’s slumber habits and routines. This will help us make the most out of the consultation.

  • Consultation

For 90 minutes, we will discuss sleep strategies, address potential problems, and solve issues during bedtimes, naptimes, and night wakings.

  • Sleep Plan Creation

I will develop a fully customized sleep plan based on our discussions during the consultation.

  • In-Home Support (for Overnight Infant Sleep Consultation only)

I will provide 13 hours of continuous in-home support and guidance for the first night of your sleep plan.

  • Guidance

I will be making four follow-up telephone calls throughout the first week after the consultation. Each call will last for 15 minutes. We will discuss any problems, concerns, and milestones that you’ve encountered while following the sleep plan.

  • E-mail and Text Message Support

I will provide unlimited support for three weeks via e-mail and text messages. Feel free to contact me anytime. I check e-mails during our regular business hours, which covers Monday through Saturday morning. Expect e-mail responses within one business day or sooner. For text messaging, I will give you a contact number reserved specifically for my clients to ensure prompt and efficient responses.

  • Continued Success

I will give you My Tips for Future Success Packet, which addresses future issues that may appear in your baby’s sleeping patterns. Topics include:

    • Nap transitions
    • Travel tips
    • Maintaining successful naps with child growth
    • Handling daylight savings time changes

Help Your Baby Build Healthy Sleeping Habits

With Gift of Sleep, taking your little one to bed will be easier than ever before. My strategies on how to sleep train a baby are based on my knowledge and experience as a certified sleep coach. Let me give your family peace of mind with tailor-made sleep plans.

If you are tired of being exhausted, let’s chat. Click here to set up a complimentary sleep assessment. You may also call me at (267) 382-0286 for a FREE 15-minute telephone consultation.

If you’re ready to begin practicing healthy sleep habits, or simply need some pointers to get your little one back on-track, contact me to schedule a complimentary 15-minute sleep assessment. 

Sweet Dreams!

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