Sleep Coach’s Corner: How to Have a Happy Halloween and Keep the Sleep Routine

October 15, 2021

infant sleeping in Halloween costume

Spooky Season is among us!  With the upcoming festivities, you may be stressing about how your child’s new (or maybe not so new) obsession with sugar may have an effect on their sleep.  This Halloween, the only things you should fear are ghosts and ghouls, not a grumpy child.  Here are some tips to make sure a fun-filled evening doesn’t mess up all of the great progress you’ve made in your child’s sleep routine:

1.  Center the evening plans around your child’s bedtime.  This might mean prepping for an earlier dinner or having a strict curfew for parties and Trick or Treating.  Pretend like the whole family is Cinderella, and falling behind schedule could turn the whole evening into a pumpkin before you’re safely home.  If you plan ahead, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is having a great time at the ball.

2.  It’s okay to plan to let your child have a later bedtime on special occasions, so long as you leave ample time for their bedtime routine.  Keep in mind that thirty minutes is the most a bedtime can be extended without putting your child into sleep debt.  Anything beyond that can take them three to four days to recover from, leaving you with a zombie-child even after the costume party.

3.  Try to keep the candy consumption to about two pieces on Halloween night.  This way, they’re still having a special treat and getting to celebrate, but they’re not acting like a college freshman on their fifth cup of coffee right before bedtime.  Let’s try to put that off until they’re at least 18…

4.  You might need to luxuriate in this bedtime routine a little longer than usual.   If your kid is riding the wave of a super exciting day, getting them into bed right away can feel like a fantasy.  Maybe you pick a slightly longer book to read or try out a new, spooky bubble bath…  Choose a part of your regular routine to make a little extra special, and gradually guide your child out of the party zone and into the sleep zone.

If you feel like your kid’s sleep habits or lack thereof, are more of a trick than a treat, call or email me today!  The quickest way to get in touch with me is to schedule a Complimentary Child Sleep Assessment.  Together, let’s turn your child’s spooky sleep habits into a set of serene sleep skills.

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