My Sleep Philosophy

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Sleep isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity for humans to survive and thrive.  I believe in evidence-based methods and guidance. I believe in supporting without judgment, shame, or guilt. I am your safe, Judgement Free Zone.


It is when I became a mommy for the first time that this sentiment was driven home to me.  You really never fully understand how much you love to sleep until you are scraping by on just a few hours a night.  

My philosophy on sleep is what sets me apart from other sleep professionals. I care deeply about each and every family I work with.  It’s true!  I support and truly believe that a relationship built on respect makes all the difference.  

I’ve been a sleep coach for almost as long as I’ve been a mother!  Over the past 10+ years, I have developed sleep solutions that focus on respect, compassion and love.  During our time together I practice what I preach and help guide and support you, the parent, on a journey to build confidence in your child’s abilities and also in confidence in yourself as a parent.  

The Cry It Out Question

A question that comes up often during discovery calls is do I use “Cry It Out”.  And the honest answer is no.  I do not offer “The Extinction Method” (or Cry It Out) as a solution.  But I am always honest in saying that no matter what solution you choose to utilize, protesting the changes via crying is understandable and well within the rights of a child to do so.  Lean into and embrace your baby’s big emotions with respect and compassion.  

And although there will be tears, I offer solutions where you can remain right by your baby’s side offering reassurance and compassion as they learn to adapt to the changes around sleep and work on building skill.  

baby crying for its parents

What Makes Me Different

Why choose me? I am a Certified Sleep Sense Consultant and was personally mentored by one of the top pediatric sleep professionals in the world. I am also an OG in this field as one of the first certified pediatric sleep professions in the US. I now devote time to the training and mentorship of up and coming Sleep Sense consultants. I love helping others and mentoring gives me the opportunity to give back. But I offer so much more to the families I work with.  This is what makes me different:


I care deeply about getting you the results you want and I will do anything in my power to turn your dreams into a reality.


I have YEARS of experience and expertise to pull from.  No joke, after 10 years I have just about seen and experienced it all.  I have amassed a treasure trove of knowledge that I can’t wait to share with you.

Professional Instruction

I’ll teach you how to read your baby’s sleepy cues (or lack thereof…sometimes they are stealthy). I’ll also teach you how to give your baby space without making you feel like you are ignoring or neglecting them. 

A Team of Experts

As a Certified Sleep Sense Consultant, I review every case with a team of over 300 pediatric sleep experts, so you don’t just get the benefits of my expertise, but an entire network of sleep professionals (including pediatricians, psychologists, lactation consultants, dietitians and those who support children with special needs.) We’ve been trained by the BEST! 


I support you in a multitude of ways that include telephone, unlimited daily email and text support. 

You should never feel alone!

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