Why Hire Jenn?

PA Baby Sleep Expert

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Finding a sleep consultant who can help your baby get a restful night’s sleep can prove to be difficult. A quick search on Google for sleep consultants will reveal a wide range of individuals from various locations, each with their unique approaches, personalities, and services.

It’s important to find someone that you really like, someone who “sees” you where you are, without judgment or preconceived ideas about you or your situation. We’re all different, and our lives can be messy.

The best sleep consultants know that you are already tired, and getting some rest will help bring some order to your life. It’s why we are often very passionate about what we do.

As you search for the perfect sleep consultant for your family, here are the main reasons that you might want to reach out to me. 


As a sleep consultant, I have extensive experience and have been recognized as one of the top 200 in the United States.

 I had tried multiple other sleep training programs online and nothing worked but Jennifer was able to take it to a more personal level, find what worked best for us as a family, and give us the tools to really feel confident in the approach and support my baby the best we can!

We cannot be more grateful to Jennifer. She is so kind, patient, respectful and helps every step of the way! She really did bring the most wonderful gift of sleep to our lives!

Teacher and Mentor

I am currently coaching and mentoring numerous new and aspiring sleep consultants who are going through training. As a result, these consultants with limited experience are relying on my knowledge and expertise to assist exhausted families.

She walked us through a very detailed approach that felt suitable for our son, made us feel like our concerns were heard and that our son’s health and wellbeing was always her number one priority. Jennifer has been extremely supportive throughout this entire process, she’s very responsive to any questions I have and beyond compassionate as well. I’m so glad we found her and can’t thank her enough for what she’s done for our family!

Jen is very knowledgeable about children’s sleep patterns and more, she is very easy to work and communicate with and makes the whole process very easy as well. I felt like she really listened to my situation and was able to help and tweet the process as we went on day by day and week by week.

No-Nonsense Approach

My approach is straightforward, respectful, and patient. I provide clear instructions to parents and remain patient as they learn to trust my expertise and incorporate healthier sleep habits for their children.

As a consultant, I strive to provide parents with clear and articulate explanations that are easily accessible. My approachable and patient demeanor, coupled with firsthand experience, make me the consultant of choice for many. I take pride in my abilities and am confident in my work.

One of the things I really appreciated about working with Jennifer was that she didn’t just hand us a plan and leave us hanging. She really listened to our feedback and we were able to marry her plan with our schedule challenges, as well as make some tweaks to suit our son’s (and our) personalities. She was always there for us, by phone or email. I couldn’t recommend her enough!

My husband and I have been working with Jennifer for almost 4 weeks now. Within the first few nights, our daughter (9 months when we started) is now sleeping through the night consistently, and has been ever since we started. We cannot be more grateful to Jennifer. She is so kind, patient, respectful and helps every step of the way! She really did bring the most wonderful gift of sleep to our lives!

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