How to Choose an Ideal Nanny for Your Child

Guest Post By Susan Jones

Most of today’s mothers are now working, and if they happen to have a child or small kids, they need a dependable and trustworthy nanny. Finding an ideal nanny can be hard. Below are some tips for parents who are currently looking for the right nanny for their child.

Helpful Tips

It doesn’t matter if you are hiring a babysitter or putting your little one in daycare service because what’s important is that you are able to make an informed decision. Full time nannies are the best especially for working couples or a single parent. Some nannies stay with the family, while others work part time. It is truly overwhelming to pick the right and the best nanny in your area.


Always keep in mind that the nanny will stay in your house, together with your child, the whole day. This means that the nanny must get along well with the entire family. The family and the nanny should be comfortable in each other’s presence. Follow these tips to find the ideal nanny today:

  • What are your requirements? You should first identify and assess your personal requirements in hiring the nanny. Should you hire a part time or full time nanny? Are you planning to give special duties to the nanny? Will the nanny run errands for you or your child? You must answer these questions first before starting your hunt.

  • Ask recommendations from friends and family/relatives. This is the best way to spread the word that you are looking for a nanny.

  • Consider looking into the best nanny agency in your area. Placement agencies are very popular today, and you can be sure that the nannies have undergone proper training programs. The selection process is handled by the agency and all you have to do is provide your requirements. The agency also takes care of background checks and will recommend the right nanny. The only disadvantage is that some agencies charge hefty fees.

  • Handle the screening process personally. It is important that you meet with the potential nannies before making the final decision. For instance, you can choose at least 8 to 10 candidates. You can start the screening process over the phone or through email until you narrow down the choices to at least three nannies. After this, you can schedule for a face to face interview.

Interviewing prospects is very important. Your child or children must be present during the interview. This is the best way to see if there is instant bonding or chemistry between your child and the nanny. You must be observant of how your child interacts with the nanny, and vice versa.


There are also questions to ask nannies during the selection process. You can ask questions pertaining to the nanny’s previous work experience, handling emergencies, how she disciplines her children, how she feeds or consoles a crying child, how activities are planned, and many others. You must pay attention to how the nanny answers the questions. Oftentimes, you can trust your instinct but don’t forget to consider the facts, as well.


Comfort and compatibility are very important factors. The childrearing philosophies of the nanny should also be the same as the parents. Otherwise, conflicts may arise. Take your time checking the references given by the nanny. Be sure to visit previous employers or families, or give them a ring.


Consider having a trial run. During this time, you must be observant. Once you’ve picked the right nanny, you must have an employment agreement which includes all your requirements. Discuss this with the nanny, and both parties must affix their signatures. Follow the tips above, and you can’t go wrong with your decision.


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