Infant Sleep Training in the Limelight: Gift of Sleep in the Philadelphia Inquirer

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Apart from the fact that many of my former clients call me the “Sleep Whisperer,” I don’t like to toot my own horn (but yes, I’m really good at showing you how to sleep train your baby). However, when a major publication contacts me for an interview, I get a little giddy! In case you missed it, I and a couple of other certified pediatric sleep consultants were interviewed for a Philadelphia Inquirer piece about infant sleep training and more.

Sleep consulting en vogue

Thanks to a certain royal baby’s American grandmother, sleep consultancy made headlines a few months ago when she consulted a pediatric sleep specialist to get tips for how to sleep train a baby. And certainly, anytime a celebrity shares that they brought in outside help, pediatric sleep consultants soar to the front page and hit the mainstream. But it was nice to have Philadelphia-area consultants in the limelight for a change.

You’re not alone

Each time pediatric sleep consulting makes headlines, I think it provides tired parents with a sense of hope. If there are professionals who have made careers out of toddler and Infant sleep training, then surely they aren’t alone when their child has problems sleeping. I say this especially for new moms, who often feel they’re on an island by themselves with their newborns. When their babies struggle with sleep, it can create an emotional rollercoaster, compounded by hearing friends and family members say that their babies never had sleep issues. Grrr.

Sleep consultancy making headlines also takes the profession mainstream, letting tired parents know that there is help available when it seems that books and parenting blogs on sleep training a toddler or infant aren’t working. Don’t ever be afraid to ask for help — you’re not doing yourself any favors by playing the martyr when it comes to sleep. Trust me.

Teaching parents how to sleep train a baby before it was chic

I’ve been working with tired parents since 2012, way before the wave of people getting pediatric sleep certifications hit a high in the last few years. I’ve been doing this for the past eight years because a.) I struggled with my own daughters when they were babies and b.) I have a desire to help struggling parents and tired babies.

An honor

I’m passionate about helping families, so it was an honor to have the Philadelphia Inquirer contact me to give them a birds-eye view of how to sleep train a baby. Special thanks, again, to the Herman Family, who allowed the Inquirer into their home to shadow me.

I also consider it an honor anytime families choose me to work with them at an often vulnerable time — I see it as a privilege to teach you how to sleep train your baby!

And if you’ve made it through infancy but your little one develops sleep issues — again, this is common — I’m here to help with sleep training toddler. I offer a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation for families to see if pediatric sleep consulting is right for them. I can’t wait to show you how to sleep train your baby!

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