Sleep Aids For Children

Hi there!  And welcome to this week’s blog post!  This week I wanted to talk about questions I am often asked during different social type settings (parties, networking events and activities for my girls) once I have shared that I am an infant and toddler sleep consultant.  The top two questions are; what exactly is a sleep consultant and who would need to hire one?

Now, I know some of you are already thinking that you know the answer to that question, but for those who are not entirely in the know (or a bit fuzzy due to extreme sleep deprivation), I’ve decided to give you some insight into who I am and what offer to exhausted parents everywhere.

What is a Sleep Consultant?

As acertified child sleep consultant I work directly with families who are struggling with their infant, toddler, preschooler or young adolescent who have not yet learned the skill of being able to soothe themselves to sleep and stay asleep all night long.  Together with the parents, I create an in depth and personalized sleep plan that is easy to follow while also providing step by step guidance. I am effectively holding my client’s hand while they are implementing the strategies in their plan.  I am there to celebrate their successes, discuss questions and concerns and deal with setbacks.

I work to educate new parents about the sleep needs of a newborn and how best to gently begin teaching healthy sleep skills from day one.   Or offer assistance in helping create a great daytime and nighttime schedule for the new family to work with as well as sleep aids for children.  It is amazing how just making a few changes in the daily lives of a newborn can dramatically affect their ability to sleep.

Sleep Aids For Children

Why would a family consider a sleep consultant?

If your baby, toddler or preschooler isn’t sleeping through the night, then neither are you.  This lack of sleep will leave you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, frustrated and mentally and physically stressed.  I understand the feelings of helplessness, exhaustion, and confusion of being a new parent who isn’t getting the sleep they need to be the best parent they can be.

This sleep deprived state also makes it extremely difficult for parents to solve their little one’s sleep issues on their own.  And I am uniquely positioned to help these families for several reasons.  I’ve been where they are…having struggled with my own child’s sleep problems, so I know exactly how these parents are feeling!  I know strategies that will help teach your child how to fall asleep without any assistance from you and stay asleep until morning.  It’s because of my knowledge and training that I am able to create personalized plans for all of my clients based upon the child’s needs and what the parents are most comfortable with.

I think Dr. Marc Weissbluth puts it best, “Sleep is the power source that keeps your mind alert and calm. Every night and at every nap, sleep recharges the brain’s battery. Sleeping well increases brainpower just as weight lifting builds stronger muscles, because sleeping well increases your attention span and allows you to be physically relaxed and mentally alert at the same time. Then you are at your personal best.”

Sleep is so important to our well being and our health that parents should make it a priority to ensure that their children are taught the skills needed to fall asleep independently.  The foundation for this skill can be taught as soon as the baby is born.  This is my mission and my passion.  I have made it my career to help as many families as I can get the sleep they need to be healthy and happy.  A well rested baby is happy, curious, engaging and ready to take on the world.

If you had the opportunity to ensure that you are giving your little one the best possible start in life, wouldn’t you do everything in your power to make that happen?

The bottom line is that my job is to help families be as happy and healthy as they can be.  And one of the most important ingredients in that equation is a good night’s sleep for everyone in the family.  This is my mission, passion and my job within the community.



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